3 Reasons Why Jacksonville Is the Place For Your Home

Your company has transfer opportunities and right now is a great time to change things up. When looking at the options, you hone in Florida, the Sunshine State. The lack of snow, the beaches, and outdoor activities are all things that put it high on your list of possibilities. What makes one city better than another? Jacksonville has been a city on the verge for decades. Check out three of the reasons why making a move here should be top on your list.

1. North Florida Weather

Florida is hot year round, with a very small window of mild weather. The further south you go, the higher the temperature stays. If you are interested in experiencing some cooler weather without the threat of snow and ice for months at a time, Jacksonville is the perfect solution. The winter average lows at night dip into the 40’s while the highs may only get to the mid-50’s or low 60’s. Getting out and enjoying your screened in porch in your new home construction jacksonville fl is more pleasant when the weather is mild.

2. Beaches, Rivers and Trees

Jacksonville has a unique topographic landscape. Between the St. Johns River and the Atlantic Ocean, there are many opportunities to enjoy a day out on the water. Boaters love the ease with which they can traverse from one waterway to another. The trees that dot the landscape vary as well. Some areas have pines growing in the backyard and palms in the front.

3. Family Friendly

Jacksonville is a family-friendly city with activities and opportunities for kids to get outside. Marine biology programs are held year-round at the beaches.  Sports are also prevalent, and youth leagues dot the landscape for everything from baseball to lacrosse. The amount of new home construction in jacksonville, fl means more families are moving to the area.

Jacksonville gives you a taste of the big city with a small-town feel. With so many options, you will be sure to find some area of the city you will love.


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