How You Can Create Ambiance with Your Garden?

Nowadays theme gardens have become very popular. These help to create a particular mood and atmosphere as per your choices. Here are some types of theme gardens that you should consider for your property.

Water garden:

Water is the soul of nature. A beautiful water garden includes amazing waterfalls and pools. The waterfalls can be tricked over stones, fall from a great height and crash on rocks like natural springs, land over a solid sheet or sprinkle as silver threads. This type of garden generally includes falls and stepping stones, located in sunlight or shades. Also, you can consider a dipping pool with a proper filter system.

Sunny perennial border:

These types of garden allow freedom of choice. They come in various shapes and sizes like square, rectangular, kidney-shaped, round, island bed shaped etc. These can be backed against a wall, hedge or fence as well. You can choose a formal or informal style. These gardens are a visual delight of color parades – polychromatic like rainbow, monochromatic or impressive color harmony of two or more colors. You can custom this garden of colors throughout the year or as per seasons. Grass borders and sculptures can be worthy inclusions to these gardens.

Shade gardens:

These types of gardens mainly come in two types. The first type includes plants of foliage interest like ferns, hostas, Hakone grass.

The second type includes flower plants like lilies, impatiens, coleus etc. You can also consider the combination of both kinds for your own shade garden.

Tropical garden:

You can design now dramatic tropical gardens even in winter countries. These gardens include a lightly shaded area with hardy tropical plants as well as tender plants like banana and tree ferns.

Vegetable garden:

You can install an easy-care vegetable garden of raised beds. In these gardens, vegetables are grown in blocks or edible landscape. This gives an ornamental effect to the garden. You can thus also enjoy fresh, organic veggies from your own garden.

Herb garden:

Herb gardens can come in various designs – quadrant, cartwheel or parterre. You can have here bountiful harvest of fresh herbs. Like a veggie garden, herb garden too does double-duty.

Cutting garden:

Cutting gardens mainly feature bulbs like tulips and daffodils for spring. Also, these include ever-blooming annual flowers that follow the bulbs. So you can have plenty of flowers harvested from April through October in your garden.

So now install and enjoy your own theme garden!

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